client testimonials

“My session with Aimee Iris came at the perfect time when I was going through a lot of life transitions.  She started with a reading of cards that was so spot on, I knew the rest of our time together would be amazing.  She spent a generous amount of time discussing the reading and answering all my questions. Next we moved on to Reiki, and she proved to be an extremely skilled practitioner.  She also blended a flower essence formula especially for me. The Reiki coupled with the flower essences gave me deep and long lasting results. Aimee Iris is a true healer, and I am grateful to have her available as a self-care resource”. 

“My session with Aimee was deeply cleansing and healing. She showed me helpful and uplifting techniques to practice on a daily and weekly basis, including the flower essence formula she created just for me! I’ve definitely been able to feel a difference when I take the formula. When I take it I feel more balanced, stable, and clear-minded. Thank you Aimee!”

“Aimee Iris is an amazing healing medium who made a tremendous impact on my road to recovery.  Using many spiritual modalities she facilitated my awareness of all that was available to me to restore a sense of wellbeing.  I left her beautiful spiritual space with a multitude of powerful diverse tools and practices to guide me on my path.  All her gifts led me to the ultimate knowledge that I am loved and supported and everything I need is are already surrounding me.  I use her gentle healing practices every day.”

“I’ve heard so much about reiki for years but never treated myself to a session. I had no idea how moving and insightful the experience would be! As Aimee applies energy work and flower essence healing to her therapies, I was left with an experience that not only felt like it had relieved me of a heavy load I was carrying, but it gave me useful insights to look at where I’m at in my journey and how I can be more loving and empowered and effective. If that sounds too nebulous, let me say it this way. I make use of various other methods of coaching and support and whatnot. And while they’re all quite practical, Aimee’s healing work really affords me the insight to apply that coaching with mastery, in such a way that I can really move forward with confidence knowing that I am honoring my journey and letting my heart guide the way. “

“Aimee Iris is a patient listener, she is supremely present, and joyfully creative.  I see her artist-self working in tandem with her healer-self, and that makes me trust her work deeply.  In turn, I see her taking all aspects of my life and identity into consideration while working with me, and thinking about flower essences and energy work in a holistic way. She also offers clear steps and actions that assist with the energy work and the essences so that it is not just about magic being performed on my body, but also about being in an alliance with myself and taking responsibility after our sessions are over. I feel grateful to have been led to Aimee Iris and her healing spirit.”

“Both the ritual act of using the (flower essence formula) spray in between students, and the energetic properties of the spray itself, help to clear, refresh, and tune my teaching studio and me, in a necessary, helpful, and delightfully enchanting way.”

“Aimee Iris is a natural and gifted healer. I felt an instant calm and peace as soon as we met. Aimee Iris practices with an ease and grace and uses her powerful intuition to invoke a feeling of love and deep healing. Aimee Iris has a light-hearted spirit that makes a healing session with her feel joyous and beautiful. You will bring angelic light and healing into your life if you are lucky enough to experience Reiki and healing from Aimee Iris.”

“Aimee  is a person made of equal parts strength and sensitivity. She has been a loving and brave guide as I’ve opened my mind to a new level of health and self love. Flower essence therapy has assisted me in claiming my divine right to be happy.”