Flower Essence Apprenticeship

9 month apprenticeships working with flower essences! Along with learning about flower essences, apprentices bring their own innate wisdom and desire to grow. Apprenticeships are tailored for the individual. In the past, apprentices integrated flower essence apprenticeships as support for their art practice, LGBTQIA activism, interest in astrology, and ancestral connecting. 

I meet with apprentices before we begin the first month to vision and set an intention for the 9 months. We meet once monthly one on one for an hour, in person if you are in NYC or online if you live outside of NYC. Throughout the month I am available to check in via phone or email if needed. By the end of the 9 months apprentices develop confidence choosing essences, formulating combinations of essences, and know the ways they personally connect to working with flower essences. This is a deep way to commit to your growth and self-care and well as fun…flowers have so much to teach us about ephemerality, purpose, cycles,and what we need to bloom!

Apprenticeships are a nine month commitment and the fee is $100 monthly. If cost prohibits you from participating please reach out to discuss.

If you are interested in an apprenticeship please contact aimee iris.