aimee iris brown is a healing practitioner and artist connecting ritual, creativity and healing. She offers healing services including individual healing sessions, personalized flower/gem essence formulas, and custom blessing rituals. aimee iris completed a two year apprenticeship studying flower/gem essence therapy and is an Usui Reiki Master and an affiliate member of the Reiki Membership Association through the International Center for Reiki Training. aimee iris studied Performance at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently making, One Year in Red, a year long practice of wearing red daily. She was featured as an interviewee in LADYPOINTS, a web series “celebrating women who have come to define success in their own terms.” Currently she studies Interfaith/Interspiritual ministry while living in Brooklyn NY with her beautiful partner, two ginger cats, one southern dog, and an ever growing plant family!

In flower essence medicine, Iris is a rainbow bridge between Spirit and earth. My specific calling involves compassionately greeting the essence of those I meet, helping them hold their specific gifts and blessings, and co-creating ritualized space for that which is ready to be revealed. My path and purpose here is to lift up those in search of Self and Spirit! Healing is a personal journey we step into and find support along the way. As a healing practitioner I am support…for your own unique process and experience. In addition to years of apprenticing and learning healing modalities from wise women teachers, I draw upon my education/background in art making and 15 years of experience as a hairstylist to bring deep listening & the ability to meet people where they’re at. I believe through the path of our own personal healing & self-actualization we shift our communities & the world at large. We are here to bloom!